The Oslo Shakespeare Company

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The Oslo Shakespeare Company var en amatørteatergruppe med tilknytning til Studentersamfundet. Gruppa er nedlagt, og i dag er Teater Neuf eneste amatørteater på huset.

In English

The Oslo Shakespeare Company was an amateur theatre company which stages productions in English. The theatre company no longer exists, and Teater Neuf is currently the only theatre group at The Student Society.

The Company was created by its members, who were responsible for every aspect of the production: acting, costume design, directing, lighting, make-up, music, producing, PR and stage design. Anyone who is interested in any of these fields were welcome to join.

Their unique position as an international theatre company in Oslo allowed them to offer their members a great opportunity to learn more about English drama. Although non-professional, many of their members were working towards a professional career in theatre and had joined The Company to gain valuable experience before applying to international drama schools and theatre companies.

As well as productions, the Company was continually seeking other ways to offer members the opportunity to discover and develop their skills. For this reason, they also provided workshops which educated in different aspects of the theatre.