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Hi! Welcome to our castle! The student house is called Chateau Neuf, but we often use Neuf for short. Chateau Neuf is the home of The Norwegian student society (DNS) in Oslo. We are Norways oldest student society, and we've kept our name for more than 200 years.

Here you can do more or less anything you want. You can watch films with Cinema Neuf, debates with Kulturutvalget, hang out in our bars (or voulenteer by joining Tappetårnet), go to concerts, quizzes, and many other things that will improve your life. If you plan on enjoying these often (more often than never) we recommend that you become a member. As a member you get discounts, which is a pretty sweet thing as a student. A membership lasts 12 months and you don’t need to be a student to join. You can become a member by downloading the Chateau Neuf app, or by asking the staff in one of our bars. A membership costs NOK 100.

If you want to be part of the social environment at DNS, you can become an active member by joining one of our internal groups. It is the active members that arrange events at Neuf and no one tells them what they have to be - they decide for themselves. This could be your chance of a lifetime; to moderate debates between members of parliament, or inviting international bands to play in our venues.

Being active in DNS is not just organising. There are groups for more than you think - everything from beer brewing to improvisational theatre. We have about 400 active members and we like to think we’re the cream of the Norwegian students. You are of course the cherry on top, so join us! Read more and become a part of one of our groups by visiting studentersamfundet.no/bli-aktiv